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Froggy's Lair STEM products - science and engineering with African Dwarf Frogs bringing nature's connection in habitats suitable for today's busy lifestyle

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What Kids & Families Are Saying About Froggy's Lair

Kids and families are crazy about these CRAZY, AMAZING CRITTERS!

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I have had my frogs for over 5 years and am still amazed and amused!

Jan - Dayton, OH

We are now proud owners of a couple of very chill African Dwarf Frogs from Froggy’s Lair and just having them hanging out in my office has had a soothing calming effect. They are very low maintenance pets. These guys are so fun to watch. The kids are enjoying our frogs very much! They even say goodnight to the frogs before bed and have named them Magnus Hoppington Chase and Harry Frogger.

Ben Spark Family Adventures

Spanky and Buckwheat have been my classroom's pet for over 7 years.  We have a feeding schedule and the frogs share the quiet corner when kids need to settle.

Sam - Altanta, GA

Kailyn loves her new Froggy’s Lair pets so much! Hoppy and Sparkles are happy in their new home!


Froggy’s Lair BioSphere introduces African Dwarf Frogs to children who quickly discover how to nurture these aquatic creatures. I’m excited to have my very own pet that I can take care of and learn more about. This is a great STEM learning experience for any kid.

Bella & Hammy Dreams

My son has learned to take care of these simple frogs.  He has his phone programmed to remind him of the two days a week to feed them.

Becky - Pittsburgh, PA

Meet my two African dwarf frogs from Froggy’s Lair. Peter & Posie. I can sit and watch these two new guys, all day long! They are so cute and entertaining!

Presley Reese