Froggy's Lair BioSphere Setup


Froggy's Liar BioSphere Set Up


 Froggy's Lair 

African Dwarf Frogs BioSphere

Assembly Instructions

Froggy's BioSpheres are natural biological filtering systems.  The “Live Sand” contains carefully cultured bacteria – and is the core of the nitrification process of the BioSphere.

Before you get started, you will need distilled water.  The chlorine in tap water is detrimental to aquatic animals and to the cultured bacteria. Tap water may be used if it is treated with Prime.

Pre Step:  Wash your hands thoroughly.

Step 1: Start by unpacking your aquarium and components.

Check the tank for any damage resulting from shipping.  

Step 2: Remove the plastic wrap and components

You should have the following components: Living Sand, Colored Pebbles, Decorative Rocks, and a Food Pack.

Step 3: Empty the Living Sand into the BioSphere

You can level the sand in the BioSphere by tapping on the bottom.  Avoid adding water at this stage because it will cause the BioSphere to be cloudy for a few days.  Do NOT rinse the Living Sand.

Drain off any liquid that has accumulated in the sand.  

Step 4: Remove and set aside the Decorative Rocks

These are the larger rocks

Step 5: Empty the Colored Pebbles into the BioSphere

You can use your hand or an object like a spoon to level the sand in the BioSphere.  The Colored Pebbles have already been rinsed.

Step 6: Add the Large Decorative Rocks

Arrange them in a way that there are hiding places for the frogs in a group of three.

Step 7: Carefully add distilled water

Tip:  Place the biosphere lid in the tank at an angle.  Use the biosphere lid to pour the water onto so it can disperse the water and not disturb the gravel / sand. Pouring too hastily or pouring directly on the Colored Pebbles will disrupt your leveling and may result in your BioSphere being cloudy for a few days. 

Step 8: Transfer your plant and frogs from your existing tank.  

Use your finger to poke the roots down into the gravel and sand.  You can use the large decorative rocks to place around the plant to help secure it into place.

Step 9:  Place the lid onto the BioSphere and wash your hands.

If you have any questions or concerns, check out our Website for more information.  As always, feel free to contact a Zookeeper at Froggy's Lair by calling us 720-491-8200.


Safety Guidelines: There are no known toxic elements or hazard warnings when assembling the BioSphere with the components in these instructions.  It is not recommended to ingest any of the components.  It is recommended to wash your hands when you have completed assembly.  When handling the frogs and bamboo, please review their safety guidelines.