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Octagon BioSphere



Instructions for Froggy's Lair Octagon BioSphere – One Gallon Hex

Before Assembly, You Need for Froggy's Lair BioSphere Setup
Your BioSphere is a beautiful, fascinating addition to your home, dorm, or office and can become a welcome source of enjoyment, education, and relaxation.

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Octagon BioSphere Setup Steps

1. Location

Pick a location away from direct sunlight, heat, or air conditioning. Direct sunlight can cause unwanted algae growth that can cover your rocks and decorations.

Place the BioSphere away from heating and air conditioning vents because it is easier to maintain proper water temperature when the surrounding air temperature is relatively stable. Put the BioSphere where you will be able to see and appreciate the beauty of your crazy, amazing African Dwarf Frogs.

Setup your BioSphere at or near it's final location because it will weigh around 10 lbs once it is setup.

Temperature: A water temperature between 68 °F and 80 °F is necessary for the BioSphere. Most of the time, ambient room temperature will keep your BioSphere at a good temperature. If your room temperature goes lower than 68 °F, adding a 5 Watt aquarium heater is recommended.

2. Add Bio-activated Sand

Open the 2 bags of brown, bio-activated sand and pour the sand into the BioSphere. To spread the sand evenly on the bottom, you can either gently tap the bottom of the BioSphere or you can use your hands.

3. Add the Colored Gravel

Open the 2 bags of colored gravel and pour the gravel into the BioSphere on top of the sand. Spread the gravel evenly on the bottom using your hands.

4. Add the Decorative Rocks

Open the bag of decorative rocks and place the rocks into the BioSphere on top of the colored gravel. It's best to group the rocks together to provide hiding areas for the frogs.

5. Carefully Add Water(until 3 to 4 inches from the top)

Adding water too quickly will disturb the sand and result in a cloudy tank. Place the coffee cup lid (or similar shallow, cupped device) directly on the colored gravel – upside-down so that it will collect water. When your distilled or conditioned water is at room temperature, slowly pour the water on to the lid which will then flow over the lip of the lid. Should your tank get cloudy, it will settle in a few days.

As the tank fills, you can increase the speed of the water – continuing to pour it on the lid.

Fill the water to within 3 to 4 inches from the top of the BioSphere. You will add more water at the end of the setup.

6. Add/Transfer Bamboo

(Upgrade Only) Remove the bamboo of your old BioSphere by gently pulling it out of the sand.

(New and Upgrade) Insert bamboo into the new BioSphere by pushing it down and twisting it into colored gravel & sand. Continue to push down and twist the bamboo until most of the roots are in the colored gravel & sand. Some of the roots may be above gravel and some roots may have broken off. This is normal. Bamboo is a hardy plant. To secure the bamboo, move some of the decorative rocks around the base of the bamboo to hold it in place.

7. (Upgrade Only) Transfer Ornaments and Rocks from old BioSphere

Move any ornaments and decorative rocks from your old BioSphere into your new BioSphere.

8. Add/Transfer Your Crazy, Amazing African Dwarf Frogs

(Upgrade Only) Using a fish net, scoop the frogs – one at at time - from your old BioSphere into your new BioSphere. Put your hand over the net to ensure that your frog does not jump out of the net.

(New Only) Pour the water and frogs from the shipping bag into your new BioSphere.

Should a frog escape, you can safely scoop them or gently pick them up with your fingers.
Insert batteries into the LED. Slide the LED into the Lid.

9. Carefully Add Water (until 1 to 2 inches from the top)

Using the coffee cup lid again, fill your BioSphere to within 1 to 2 inches from the top.

10. Attach LED to Lid, Attach Lid to BioSphere

Insert batteries into the LED. Slide the LED into the Lid.

The large Blue Button controls the color settings. Each consecutive press of the button changes color setting. There are 3 choices (White, Blue, White/Blue) and an off position.


Whenever handling animals, you should wash your hands!