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The plant is an essential part of the Nitrogen Cycle and it adds beauty to their habitat!

You can replace your plant with any 4-inch Lucky Bamboo, Java Fern, Sagittaria Grass, Hornwort, or Anubias - that you can typically find at a pet store that sells aquatic animals.

To add Lucky Bamboo or Sagitarra Grass, push the plant down into the gravel/sand with your fingers, tucking the roots into the sand.  Once it has hit the bottom of the tank, gently push the decorative rocks around the plant to hold it in place - while the roots grow into the colored gravel and sand.  It's okay if some of the roots are exposed.

Java Fern and Anubias do well when they are not tucked into the sand.  Use the large rocks to secure them in place on top of the gravel.  Hornwort also looks great as a floating plant and is not required to tuck into the sand.

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