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Froggy's Lair Gallon Size BioSpheres™ provide a spacious gallon-size habitat for up to four African Dwarf Frogs. These Biospheres offer additional room for in-tank ornaments, to provide more character to the Biosphere, in addition to more nap areas for your frogs. Froggy's Lair Gallon BioSpheres™ includes everything needed to setup the African Dwarf Frogs habitat. Also, shop for Froggy's Lair Accessories and Standard BioSpheres for African Dwarf Frogs.

Purchasing your BioSphere as a gift?  We now ship the BioSpheres in two shipments!  When the first package arrives, wrap it up and it is ready to give.  Redeem the included voucher to let us know you are ready for your frogs and plant to ship.  

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